Cervical cancer vaccine should not hit Huada gene chairman: more money to fight

  In July 2017, mainland China broke the fight against cervical cancer vaccine and was finally introduced as late as ten years. However, the high price of vaccines, the effectiveness of vaccine prophylaxis and the safety to be observed are still debating the issue of whether vaccines should be hit or not.

Recently, Wang Jian, the chairman of China's gene sequencing community, who is the leader of Gene Sequencing, disclosed his personal opinion in an interview. For some Chinese women choose to go to the United States or Hong Kong to inject cervical cancer vaccine phenomenon, Wang Jian made it clear that "I object, vaccine 4000 yuan, 5 years to play once, you do early detection, 50 dollars, 3 years testing once. "


The so-called cervical cancer vaccine refers to the human papillomavirus HPV vaccine. There are hundreds of HPV subtypes, of which more than 30 kinds of diseases can be at the same time can be divided into high-risk and low-risk type. Currently, at least 14 high-risk subtypes of HPV are known, of which the 16,18 subtype is most at risk.


There are currently three global HVP vaccines for the prevention of cervical cancer. Merck's HPV vaccine quadrivalent Gardasil against HPV16,18,6,11 four subtypes, HPV vaccine Gardasil nine in the original four subtypes and an increase of 31,33,45,52 and 58 five kinds of HPV Virus subtype. In addition, the bivalent Vaccine Cervarix by GlaxoSmithKline targets HPV16,18. At present, the approval of the listing in mainland China is bivalent and tetravalent, covering the HPV virus subtypes more comprehensive nine price in mainland China has not yet entered clinical trials.


This is the background of the Chinese women's choice of injecting cervical cancer vaccine into the United States or Hong Kong. At present, 35% of Chinese women suffer from cervical diseases, and the annual number of new malignant cervical lesions is as high as 131,500, accounting for 28.8% of the total number of cervical cancer patients in the world.


Wang Jian thinks its more value is "economic account" and the result. "5 years to play once, you would have been the one-thousandth, one ten thousandth chance, of course, you have nothing more to do nothing to play you no problem, ordinary people to play that might as well do a test is over." Wang This cervical precaution, which kills vaccines at a relatively high price, is likened to "as if you had sent troops on the hill" and then compared his esteemed genetic test to "drones being inspected half a month" He called it "a different type of prevention forecast and it is entirely business oriented."


In addition, Wang Jian also added that "a lot of foreigners vaccine subtype with China is different, can not believe it." However, according to Fudan University Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital cervical disease diagnosis and treatment center director Sui Long said in an interview, Among the cervical cancer patients found in Shanghai, 16,18 accounted for 70% of both subtypes.


In addition to the "economic ledger" mentioned by Wang Jian and the different virus subtypes, controversies surrounding the current HPV vaccine also include preventive effects and side effects.


Sui Long once mentioned that vaccination can prevent the vast majority of cervical cancer, but can not play one hundred percent protection. On the one hand, the preventive effect is also related to the above-mentioned subtypes. "Even though the HPV vaccine has 100% protection against both high-risk HPV types 16 and 18, a considerable proportion of women still have persistent infections 16 and 18 Type of high-risk HPV may suffer from cervical cancer. "Sui Long said.


Moreover, the above-mentioned three vaccines currently only prevent the specific subtype of HPV infection covered by each, and can not clear the infected HPV virus.


In addition, in recent years, cases of adverse reactions after HPV vaccination have been reported in Hong Kong, Japan and Sweden have even led to death and paralysis.


It is worth mentioning that the genotype HPV genotyping test previously announced by Huada Gene alleges that it is accurate for all 14 high-risk HPV types and the major pathogenic viruses (genotypes 6 and 11) of both genital warts Type. Data show that, as of now, Huada gene HPV test samples over 2.5 million, covering 27 provinces and 72 cities





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