Be careful! Cervical spondylosis is the source of all diseases

  Recently, Mr. Lee often felt sore neck and shoulders heavy, especially after working one day against the computer, the whole back was stiff. Mr. Lee felt that young age will not be any major problems, so when pain let colleagues help pinch, ease, did not expect the pain but more and more serious. A check to the hospital, I realized that the cervical spine out of the question.


Life, people often cry for cervical pain, but rarely take it seriously, nor deliberately protect the cervical spine. Experts point out that "the source of all diseases originated in the cervical spine", if the protection of cervical spine, the whole body will be sick.


Cervical disease is not good


Experts point out that the role of cervical spine, but prone to problems. Because high frequency activity, significant negative, prone to cervical degenerative venereal disease variations.


Orthopedics is generally believed that cervical spondylosis divided into five types, including the neck type, nerve root type, spinal cord type, sympathetic type, vertebral artery type. One of the most common type of nerve root, accounting for about 60% -70% of cervical spondylosis. These patients often experience numbness in the arms and fingers, pain or loss of skin sensation in the limbs.


Cervical cervical spondylosis lighter, the patient often feel stiff neck and shoulder, pain, limited mobility, heavy shoulder and arm, arm weakness and so on.


Sympathetic often manifested as headache , head Shen, dizziness, occipital or neck pain, blurred vision, orbital pain, dry eyes, rapid heartbeat and so on.


Vertebral artery type is mainly manifested as dizziness, patients often turn around or bow, head suddenly dizzy or even fall.


Spinal cord is the most serious type of cervical spondylosis, may have neck and shoulder, lower limb stiffness, chest and abdomen tightness, do not listen to the command and other symptoms, can lead to severe paralysis of the limbs.


Experts advise, there are some diseases that have little to do with the cervical spine, the actual may be caused by the cervical spine. For example due to cervical sympathetic stimulation or injury, damage to the gastric mucosa, causing cervical gastritis ; because cervical nerve root damage, or sympathetic heart stimulation, angina .


In addition, it may also cause blurred vision. Before making a diagnosis, these diseases should be specifically excluded after the lesions of the organ itself before considering the cervical spine may be related.


Cervical three functions


Experts, the cervical spine in the head, chest and upper limbs, we can touch the top of the neck by hand after touching a large bulge, from here up 1 section, down 6 sections, all belong to the cervical spine.


The cervical spine consists of seven cervical vertebrae, six intervertebral discs and the associated ligaments, the smallest, but most flexible, and most frequently active segment of the vertebral column.


Cervical spine plays a very important role - supporting the skull up, connecting the lower back waist down. Experts said that cervical function includes three aspects: First, the role of stent. The first cervical vertebra is connected to the occipital bone of the skull and supports the head and back together with the following sections. The second is to protect the spinal cord nerve, blood vessels. Cervical vertebral body connected to each other, between the formation of nerves, vertebral artery and spinal cord channels. Third, the role of sports leverage. The top two cervical spine, is the hub of the activity of the neck to help stretch and rotate the neck to complete the nod, head, left and right head movements.


From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the cervical spine is also one of the most crucial parts of the human body. Cervical position in the human body Governor. Governor veins, also known as the sea of ??the sun, is one of the eight anomalies, it starts from the perineum, according to the back of the spine median line up, after the neck, over the top of the head, stop at the face. It is connected with the spinal cord, brain and Zhu Yang by the process, and is the general outline of the Yang meridians. Cervical vertebra is not good, context may be a problem.


Disorderly kneading aggravate the condition


If people feel uncomfortable cervical life, the general family will help "hammer hammer back, rub shoulders." Some of the more serious patients may find someone to massage, massage. However, experts advise, cervical disease is not the same type, treatment methods are also different. Random massage, beat, traction, not only cure bad disease, but also may cause greater damage to the cervical spine, even severe cases can lead to paralysis.





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