Excessive vitamin supplements can be poisoned

No obvious symptoms and eating habits, generally do not need additional vitamins


Carry a small kit, after eating a few slices of gizzard vitamins, many modern people have already become a required course of health, not only young workers favor this health tips, many middle-aged and elderly also followed a "trendy" that " Eat more vitamins, certainly no harm. " However, experts warn that vitamin supplements are not as "safe and toxic" as the imagination does, and that most people need no extra supplements. Overdosing can also lead to vitamin poisoning.

Although excessive intake of vitamins can be poisoned


Vitamins are organic compounds necessary to maintain the body's normal physiological functions. For some modern people, a variety of vitamin supplements have emerged as a result of their inability to meet their health aspirations solely from the intake of vitamins in food. In their opinion, the daily use of small pills on time to achieve the purpose of vitamin supplements, efficient and fast.


However, irrational use of vitamin supplements can lead to the risk of vitamin poisoning. First People's Hospital of Guangzhou City, chief physician Lou Hui Ling geriatric introduction, vitamins can be broadly divided into two categories of water-soluble vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins. The former mainly vitamin B and C family, most of the body will be excreted with the body metabolism, the body can not be stored for a long time, so the body should be daily intake. The latter is mainly vitamin A, D, E, K, do not dissolve in water, so stored in the liver and fat, and eventually excreted through the lymphatic system, the excretion process takes a long time.


"Fat-soluble vitamins must be stored in the body's liver and fat and are excreted slowly, so there is a risk of fat-soluble vitamin poisoning if people over-consume fat-soluble vitamins through prolonged periods of poor health or long-term imbalances."


Reasonable diet, no obvious illness without additional supplements


Lou Hui Ling said that if the body showed no obvious symptoms, and eating laws, food with a reasonable, there is generally no need for additional vitamins. "Chinese residents' reference intake of dietary nutrients," marked daily recommended intake and maximum tolerable amount, in fact, the human body has little demand for vitamins, in the case of a balanced diet, people from the food Can consume enough vitamins. "


Lou Hui Ling said that there are individual differences in the need to add vitamins. As many workers because of high work intensity, stress, often staying up late, smoking and drinking, eating irregular or diet control diet to lead to nutritional deficiencies, the body showed sub-health, then take vitamin supplements is a viable way.


In addition, special populations such as pregnant women and adolescents with developmental age may need to be supplemented with specific vitamins. However, they must be taken after consultation with a doctor and taken as much as possible of natural foods.


"If there is a lack of vitamins caused by the disease, such as night blindness, you need to be targeted under the guidance of a doctor to supplement vitamin A, but should not blindly, should find the cause of symptomatic treatment, eat in the diet can eat animal liver, egg yolk , Carrots and other foods, intake of food from the dimension A. In addition to the complex vitamin supplements should be cautious.


So in the elderly need extra vitamin? Lou Hui-ling said it is recommended that the elderly do a comprehensive assessment of the body to see whether there is a risk of malnutrition or due to lack of vitamins caused by the disease, with particular attention to some of the more difficult to supplement the diet of vitamins, such as vitamin D and vitamin K. Such as the emergence of related conditions, need to be under the guidance of a doctor, appropriate, appropriate, long-term supplement.


Fat-soluble vitamins before taking more attention


1. Vitamin A


Role: to maintain the body's conjunctiva, cornea, skin and other normal functions.


Deficiency: Lack of vitamins can cause night blindness, dry eye , corneal softening, decreased vision, keratosis and scaling of the skin and other symptoms.


Excess: Can lead to increased intracranial pressure, dry hair, dermatitis itching, loss of appetite and drowsiness.


2. Vitamin D


Role: to maintain and regulate plasma calcium and phosphorus normal concentrations.


Insufficient: Can cause rickets in children , osteoporosis in adults .


Excess: Can lead to muscle weakness, hypercalcemia, bone pain, proteinuria, renal dysfunction.


3. Vitamin E


Role: the main role in anti-oxidation.


Inadequate: lead to reproductive disorders such as infertility and cerebrovascular disease.


Excess: Can lead to muscle weakness, vomiting, hormonal metabolic disorders, women with menorrhagia or amenorrhea , high concentrations of estrogen may increase the risk of breast cancer .


4. Vitamin K


Function: It is closely related to the coagulation function of the human body.


Inadequate: can lead to bleeding gums, nosebleeds , skin and mucous membrane bleeding.


Excess: May cause hemolytic anemia , liver cell damage. (Reporter Li Jin, Li Xun correspondent Wei Xing, Huang Yuexing)






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