Female winter detox eat nine kinds of food

  Since entering the winter, because the weather is getting colder, many people want to nest at home do not want to go out. While most people are eating snacks at home while watching television online, do not know this process your body has accumulated a terrible "toxin", the body's self-purification capacity has been overloaded. Detoxification is very important, especially the beauty of the crush they should pay attention to how to diet detoxification, the toxins from the body. Female friends in the winter always feel the body has a fire, want to discharge the body from the fire to healthy detoxification, Xiaobian here to introduce you to the 9 kinds of food, is a female friend detoxification in winter, a good helper health.

Recommended 9 winter detox food




Intestinal motility "Additives." Probiotics in the intestines silently "multiply" to help the intestinal tract against harmful bacteria. Proper amount of probiotics, can maintain a natural balance of intestinal defense. Drink a cup of yogurt between meals, can make the intestinal flora balance, promote intestinal digestion and decomposition.


Brown rice


Intestinal clear "plumber." Brown rice is rich in B vitamins and vitamin E, can promote blood circulation, continuous delivery of energy for the intestine, can promote intestinal proliferation of beneficial bacteria, prevention of constipation and colon cancer. The brown rice and ribs, dried rice together in the pot, add the right amount of water with Zhu Chengyu, sprinkle with salt and pepper can be.


Pig blood


Intestinal detoxification "digestive enzymes." Plasma proteins in pig's blood are digested by digestive enzymes and produce substances that detoxify them. When they enter the intestinal tract and absorb heavy metal particles, they react with the substance and shorten their stay in the human body, Harm to the body to a minimum. Drink porridge blood porridge, can effectively help intestinal detoxification, prevention of colon cancer.




Bowel motility "accelerator." Kelp was alkaline, can promote blood triglyceride metabolism, help laxative. And low calories, rich dietary fiber, can accelerate intestinal movement. The best way to eat kelp is steamed, so that it will not destroy the minerals in the kelp, but also can effectively increase peristalsis.




Intestinal "beauty fluid." Honey can make the intestines "pleasant", because it contains amino acids, vitamins, can promote the body's virtuous circle. Honey in magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and other nutrients can regulate the nervous system, but also for the gut to provide a good resting environment. Take a spoonful of honey soaked in water to achieve Runchang, the effectiveness of beauty.




Intestinal strong "catalyst." Peanuts can be strong intestine, this is because the peanut spleen, have Yangwei spleen, Runchang Runzao role. Peanut unique phytic acid, plant sterols and other special substances, will increase the intestinal toughness. Eat 5-6 peanuts daily, you can strong intestine. Peanuts boiled in water, nutrition will not be destroyed, but also easy to absorb.


Black Fungus


Intestinal cleaning "part-time workers." Black fungus contains plant gum, can be adsorbed in a short period of time remaining in the intestine of the "toxins", and its excreted, play a "wash" the role of the intestine. Black fungus eat the most nutritious salad, just add spices according to personal taste Stir well.


Pu'er tea


Pu-erh is a tea that can be drunk all year round. Pu-erh tea is a natural health drink made through the fermentation of high-temperature fermentation of modern technology! Set weight loss, beauty, health and many other effects in one, as well as Yangwei, detoxification, blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar effect, you can also add honey and tune into your favorite flavor.


Konjac tofu


Intestinal light "energy element." Konjac tofu contains hydrogel fibers, can greatly promote intestinal peristalsis, reduce intestinal pressure. In addition, one of the dietary fiber, can form a protective film in the intestinal wall, shorten the residence time of food, remove intestinal waste. The konjac tofu slices, boiled in salt water for 2 minutes after the fish out, add fish soup or chicken soup, the slow fire slowly stew, one of the nutrients will be all released, the soup easily absorbed by the body.


Three good health habits female detoxification to keep in mind


1, eat more fiber foods


Fibrous foods have the efficacy of detoxification, eat more can help eliminate the accumulation of toxic substances in the body. Its principle of action is that toxic substances can be attached to the fiber food before they are absorbed by the small intestine and excreted with the stool to reduce the cumulative effect of toxins. Common fiber foods are brown rice, vegetables, fruits and so on.


2, drink green bean soup


Mung bean can reduce the body's cholesterol content, with the protection of the liver, the role of prevention and treatment of allergies. Mung bean is rich in vitamin B family, protein, magnesium and other ingredients, often drink green bean soup can help toxins from the body, promote the body's metabolism. Autumn and winter occasion, mung bean soup is detoxifying Yan Jiapin.


3, drink plenty of water


Guarantee two liters of water a day, you can discharge a lot of toxins through the urine to reduce the burden on the kidneys. There is also the best time to drink water. Drink water in the morning to wake up, both to the body enough water, but also can promote the discharge of toxins. About 3 o'clock in the afternoon is the most active bladder of Chinese medicine that time should drink plenty of water. 9 o'clock at night is the body's immune system, the most active time, then replenish the water at this time can promote the body to restore the immune system, regenerative cells and other physiological functions.




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