Green plants, haze mask, air purifier formaldehyde useless!

   Chunyu Jun colleague eight hundred jun is a health spree, get up early and go to bed early, eating half a catty green leafy vegetables every day, veteran's thermos is even more ...


However, recently eight hundred jun did not look like the past, chatted to know, eight hundred Jun home decoration, but because of the force majestic taste has not gone to live in. Eight hundred junctions expressed anxiety: "Diligent and earnestly for decades, the result was destroyed by formaldehyde, will not come up with cancer ?" Chunyu Jun comfortably eighty-jun:


The possibility of cancer is not, however. . . Hazards do exist


Most people have a small amount of formaldehyde in their homes, which is not a threat to health.


However, if formaldehyde is more, some people's eyes, nose, throat, skin will feel irritated, and even breathing difficulties occur.

Especially for children, the elderly, asthma patients and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease people, the easier difficulty in breathing.


A study in the field of public health shows that newly renovated buildings can cause formaldehyde and TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) in the air to exceed the standard. If people live or work in them, there will be eye irritation, pharyngeal stimulation, nasal stimulation, skin irritation, sweating, headache and headache and other 14 kinds of early irritation symptoms. [3]


Workers exposed to prolonged exposure to high levels of formaldehyde may develop nasopharyngeal and pharyngeal cancers. However, the formaldehyde content of new furniture, new clothes or newly renovated houses is much lower than the carcinogenic concentration, and the average person's exposure time is much less than that of the workers. Therefore, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that the indoor formaldehyde on non-special occupational groups of people at risk is very low.


In addition to furniture, building materials, what else allows you to absorb formaldehyde?


Regrettably, the old retired cadres did not seem to have improved their anxiety. Therefore, Chunyu Jun told her: "Formaldehyde exists in many items, and you may have sucked in a lot of things at home." (咦? How do you vomit blood? I'm comforting you!


· In addition to furniture, building materials, the following four items also contain high levels of formaldehyde:


· Tobacco;


· No ironing cloth, such as curtains, ironing clothes;


· Everyday objects, such as glue, paint, sealing materials, pesticides, cosmetics and detergents;


· In the gas stove, outdoor fireplace and outdoor air pollution are also found in formaldehyde.


How to reduce the "close contact" with formaldehyde?


Eight hundred Jun wiped his mouth a little health blood asked: "Then what should I do?"


1. The following three common methods, do not expect


A. Air purifier (air filter)


Haze is a particle, formaldehyde is a gas, air purifier useful to the former, the latter is invalid.


B. Wear anti-haze masks


Give up, useless, for the reasons above! Of course, the market can also prevent formaldehyde masks, have a role, but it is not anti-haze masks and a thing yo ~


C. Green planting


Green plants do have some effect of absorbing formaldehyde, but the relative window ventilation, installed ventilation fan in terms of relatively poor taste.


Can not simply count on green plants, put a few basins also no harm, relatively strong ability to absorb formaldehyde green ivy, Evergreen, Hu Mei, aloe.


2. The following four methods only fly


After the decoration is completed, the following three methods can reduce the concentration of formaldehyde in the home:


A. More windows


Open the windows every few days for fresh air, unless there is air pollution outdoors or if you are allergic to pollen.


B. Install the ventilator


Install and use the ventilator as much as possible (note that it is a ventilator, not an air purifier).


C. Do not over-temperature in the home


Maintain the home temperature and humidity at the lowest level that does not affect life, because overheating will "roast" the formaldehyde and raise the level of formaldehyde in the air.


D. Formaldehyde with a higher content of the items, let the formaldehyde run for a run


· New clothes and curtains need to be cleaned;


· Before installing or using the formaldehyde-containing products, such as sofas, mattresses, they need to be placed outdoor balcony or smell dissipated.


· If possible, until you smell the chemical odor of a chance to come back.


3. Attention to this point, from the source control of formaldehyde


Buy formaldehyde and formaldehyde content of low or no furniture and building materials


· UF - free furniture, cabinet or flooring material;


• Pressboard products containing ULEF or NAF;


· The product has a label of "no organic volatiles" or "low levels of organic volatiles."


The last eight hundred jun get: Although formaldehyde causes leukemia , cancer is some alarmist, but it does harm to the human body, the defense is to prevent; some methods of network transmission is invalid, the effective method of faster use up!





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