How to distinguish hemorrhoids and bowel cancer

Hemorrhoids, a clinically very common type of rectal anorectal disease, are predominantly seen in adults and have an increased prevalence with age. Because of this, many hemorrhoids patients do not treat it as a "disease". However, experts say, hemorrhoids generally do not cause serious health hazards, but the presence of hemorrhoids easily lead to misdiagnosis of other diseases, such as more than 90%Cases of rectal cancer were initially misdiagnosed as hemorrhoids. Experts advise, hemorrhoids will not be transformed into rectal cancer, but patients with hemorrhoids is best to go to the hospital in time to do digital rectal examination and colonoscopy. At the same time, self-observation and feeling and autopsy are also important, especially when stool frequency is increased and patients with tenesmus feeling need to be alert.


Hemorrhoids:Pregnancy most likely to form after 6 months period


On the cause of hemorrhoids, Guangzhou Medical University Cancer Hospital, director of surgery gastrointestinal tumor Liu Haiying explained that when the pelvic and anus around the tissue within the venous pressure is too large, will lead to rectal venous blood deposition,Thrombosis, which in turn causes the venous dilatation, so hemorrhoids are formed.


Liu Haiying said that all will be hindered rectal venous return, resulting in rectal venous blood deposition and venous expansion factors, are likely to cause hemorrhoids, such as prolonged sitting, and prostate enlargement and pelvic tumor, and so on. Simultaneously,Diarrhea andConstipation will lead to abdominal muscle tension, increased rectal anal canal pressure, over time will form hemorrhoids.


In addition, women during pregnancy, especially at 6 months after pregnancy, develop hemorrhoids because of increased pressure on the pelvic veins due to increased uterine and intrauterine fetuses. When natural childbirth, the fetus will be introduced in vitro strong pressure will increase the symptoms of hemorrhoids.


"This is why hemorrhoids have a higher prevalence among women," said Liu Haiying, of course, and other factors such as endocrine changes in women during menopause.


Rectal cancer: More than 90% of cases were misdiagnosed as hemorrhoids in the early stages


Liu Haiying said that the clinical manifestations of hemorrhoids are stool blood, or lumps from the anus. According to the different parts, hemorrhoids haveExternal hemorrhoids andInternal hemorrhoids points. Occur in the anal canal for internal hemorrhoids, anal around the external hemorrhoids, and some people are inside and outside the mixed hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are mainly painless intermittent after the blood and hemorrhoids block prolapse; external hemorrhoids is the anal discomfort, easy to humid and unclean, if thrombosis or subcutaneous hematoma in this formation, there will be severe pain.


"It is noteworthy that hemorrhoids generally do not cause serious harm to the health of the body, but the presence of hemorrhoids easily lead to misdiagnosis of other diseases, the most important is the rectal cancer." Liu Haiying said that in recent years, found in clinical a lot of rectal cancer Hemorrhoids in the "cover" continue to "grow" until the apparent obstruction symptoms were confirmed cases. This is with many patients, "do not hemorrhoids when the disease". Many people think they suffer from hemorrhoids in patients with early, like to buy some topical ointment autonomy from the pharmacy until the symptoms increased to seek medical treatment, a lot to the hospital for a digital rectal examination, is the late stage of rectal cancer, more than 90% of rectal cancer Cases were misdiagnosed as hemorrhoids in the early stages. "


Check: digital rectal examination and rectal examination is king


"Rectal cancer is a malignant tumor with a high incidence of digestive tract diseases. Whether it is etiology, pathology, treatment, or prognosis, rectal cancer and hemorrhoids are two very different diseases. But why there is such a high rate of misdiagnosis?" Liu Haiying said that part of this is the patient's self-misdiagnosis, but also some of the medical staff speculation. "The main reason is that there are many similarities between the clinical manifestations of rectal cancer and hemorrhoids, such asBlood in the stool , increased stool frequency, etc., leading to early misdiagnosis of hemorrhoids. "


"As long as patients are alert, early detection of rectal cancer is entirely possible, and treatment of early rectal cancer is also very good." Liu Haiying, of course, can not be diagnosed by symptoms and stool tests alone. "Digital rectal examination and rectal examination is king."


Liu Haiying said hemorrhoids may occur in people of any age, and patients with rectal cancer mostly middle-aged or elderly. Patients can also self-test by some simple method.


The first is self-observation and feeling. Liu Haiying said hemorrhoids patients with stool blood, bruising affected area is due to defecation, the majority of the blood is discharged as the stool drip down, so the blood will not mix with the stool, and there will be no mucus. The stool of patients with rectal cancer are often mixed with blood, mucus and concentrated solution. In addition, bowel habits in patients with rectal cancer will change significantly, the number of stools will increase, but also with tenesmus feeling. That is, there may beAbdominal pain distress, from time to time, anal heavy, but did not feel after squatting or arranged in very small. "In addition, he said, patients with diarrhea should not pay attention to diarrhea if they can not alleviate the symptoms.


Followed by digital rectal examination. Liu Haiying said that with your fingers into the anal examination is the most effective way. Because most of the hemorrhoids and rectal cancer occur in the fingers can reach the site. "If you touch with the fingers from the anus and feel that there are some raised within the small particles are hemorrhoids; if there is a cauliflower lumps or edge of the bowel central depression of the ulcer and found that the narrow intestine can only accommodate a finger, And after examination, refers to the sleeve stained with blood, concentrated solution and mucus, is most likely suffering from rectal cancer, should go to the hospital for treatment, so as not to miss the chance of treatment.


Mistakes to clarify: hemorrhoids generally do not translate into rectal cancer


"There are a lot of people who have doubts about whether hemorrhoids and rectal cancers are lumps, and hemorrhoids will not turn into rectal cancer?" Liu Haiying said that in fact, hemorrhoids and tumors are two different types of diseases. Hemorrhoids, a simple understanding of the verge of subcutaneous vascular and surrounding tissue expansion, hyperplasia, and the tumor, is an abnormal proliferation of colorectal mucosal changes.


"A simple analogy: hemorrhoids increase like watermelon inside the more and more, the volume is getting bigger and bigger; and the tumor is long on the watermelon skinKeloid . One is a funeral, one is a funeral, is two different things. He said hemorrhoids, in general, do not translate into rectal cancer.


Intestinal polyps generally do not develop into colorectal cancer, but there are exceptions. "Patients with colonoscopy or anus when the finger is found, and sometimes colon polyps will be found, then intestinal polyps will not develop into colorectal cancer it?" Liu Haiying, polyp and cancer is not the same thing, the odds of malignant polyps Generally smaller. "However, there is a type of polyposis colon, usually familial, in which patients with inherited polyp can turn into rectal cancer."


In addition, polyps are chronic diseases, may also be due to mutations in polypoid cells and malignant transformation, however, this is not high. "When doing colonoscopy, if polyps are found, doctors generally remove the polyps and if they are malignant when doing biopsy, you need radical surgery."





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