Whether the toilet squatting is good or sitting well

  The toilet is a must do every day, a "major event"! Many people have always had such a question, in the end is squatting good? Still sitting?


Some people think that squatting feces feel more cool, more smoothly; but some people think squat tired, ah, or sit and poop comfortable.

Squat well, or sitting well?
Advantages: easier defecation


Squatting defecation more in line with human physiology, in theory, defecation should be smoother. When squatting, the pressure on the abdomen is greater than when sitting, which can reduce the strength of the abdomen and help defecation. And certain abdominal compression can also promote defecation.


Disadvantages: squat for a long time uncomfortable


But squatting is definitely better than sitting, which is not right. Squatting a long time, not only legs and hems, but also the anus around the venous return will be affected, long-term risk of long hemorrhoids increased.


Advantages: liberation of the legs pressure


Sitting is indeed relatively more comfortable, less pressure on the legs, the same time is not prone to numb conditions. Sitting defecation does not increase the risk of constipation , hemorrhoids and other diseases.


Although we were accustomed to squatting the squat toilet decades ago, we came to an ideal defecation posture as we gradually formed a habit as society developed.


Disadvantages: health problems


Because sitting need direct contact with the skin, many people are concerned about toilet hygiene problems in public places. Public places are not easy to maintain clean and sanitary environment, a person suffering from sexually transmitted diseases , or skin disease after using the toilet, the next reuse of people in theory there is a certain risk of infection. Of course, this kind of infection is unlikely.


So squatting, sitting have their own advantages and disadvantages, do not tangle ~


However, for special populations, it is best to sit on the good, why?


These two types of people to sit-seated!
Old man
Choose to sit, install a handrail


The elderly are more suitable for sitting, because the elderly prone to constipation, squat abdominal pressure increases, coupled with defecation force, prone to cardiovascular accidents. In addition, the elderly physically weak, squatting too long, if quickly stood up, it is easy to induce transient changes in body position due to cerebral ischemia, resulting in dizziness , vertigo, falling, and even fractures and other accidents.


There are elderly people in the home, can be installed in the toilet next to the installation of handrails. After getting up, the elderly can lean, have a rely on, can be described as caring a lot.


Pregnant women
Suitable for sitting, can bring their own seat chair


Later pregnancy when the toilet squat prone to pressure on the stomach, pressed to the baby. Squatting too long may also affect the baby's freedom of movement in the womb. Pregnancy is also easy to constipation, squatting a long time easy to numb. Therefore, pregnant women are also the best choice seat.


If you go to work outside, only squatting, you can prepare a simple "chair", both easy to carry, but also can ease the toilet discomfort. Or when squatting do not squat down too deep, with a squat about the same state; the two feet were slightly larger than the horoscope to make a suitable space for the stomach, it would be comfortable.


About toilet, you have to understand four things
1. to remember the toilet "16 words secret"


Compared to the toilet position, toilet "16 words secret" is actually more important.


Fixed time


Quick quick decision




Go with you


Toilet is best not to have any "selfish thoughts", do not play mobile phones, reading, use this 3-5 minutes to solve this one thing, so as to train their own physiological feedback, which will help defecation. Each time the toilet is best not to exceed 10 minutes, or continuous oppression of hemorrhoids prone to cause anorectal disease.


2. from the body too hard, do not force too hard


Do not get too flushed from the toilet, especially the elderly, squatting suddenly stood up, there will be postural hypotension syncope . Abdomen and head of the blood flow to the lower extremities, there transient ischemia, manifested as black eyes, Venus sparkling.


Do not use the toilet too hard. If the stool dry and powerful, then vigorously discharge, the most likely to cause anal fissure . The vascular elasticity of the elderly deteriorated, abdominal pressure increased bowel movements, peripheral vascular resistance increased, blood pressure increased, if the force is too large at this time, is likely to lead to dramatic increase in intracranial vascular pressure, sudden cerebral hemorrhage .


3. flush toilet do not want to cover the toilet?


Many people think toilet toilet lid to open when used, when not in use or flush the toilet should be closed, or the toilet will be filled with bacteria in the toilet. However, the fact is true? Let's look at two experiments together:


According to Zhejiang Network Radio and Television reporters found that siphon flush toilets in the flushing process was significantly more stable, there will be no splash or splash of the situation. While the old flush toilet in flushing, the top of a certain area is indeed not "absolutely safe", it is recommended to cover the toilet cover.


According to an experiment conducted by Beijing Normal University School of Environment, it is better to open the lid than to open the lid when flushing the toilet. For a siphon toilet, flush with the toilet lid, the toilet lid blocks most of the air above the toilet, obstructing the inhalation of the siphon process airflow and instead leaving more bacteria and microorganisms in the air.


In fact, you do not have to worry too much, the bacteria in the toilet is mainly E. coli, from a clinical point of view, almost no cause of respiratory diseases caused by infection of E. coli. However, if you are accustomed to closing the lid and rinsed the toilet, the toilet lid and toilet bowl will leave more bacteria, be sure to pay attention to regular cleaning Oh. Finally, open the lid, the bathroom must be more ventilation!


4 .toilet squat for a long time, why feel "poo did not drain clean"?


The longer the pit, the total feel of the toilet will not pull clean, this is, your meaning may not really mean, but the rectal mucosal relaxation, hanging down only.


Had been forced to pull the stomach will increase the pressure, coupled with the squat position, under the influence of gravity, the rectal mucosa and muscles more easily separated, resulting in rectal mucosal relaxation or prolapse, give you a "I can pull" the illusion. But do not worry, under normal circumstances, the mucosa will automatically retract after getting up.


Most people "poo did not drain clean" feeling, because squat time is too long. Squat 10 minutes not finished, but also pull out what, "hemorrhoids" slowly squatted out. However, if there is blood or mucus, it is recommended to be seen as a major event, go to the hospital to be a check.





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