Why your cervical spondylosis is always repeated attack?

The occurrence of any disease in life is for a reason, but as our life pressure increases, cervical spondylosis is a more common disease, and only understand the cause of cervical spondylosis, can be better in life Prevention and treatment of cervical spondylosis, then cause cervical spondylosis what is it? Let's find out below.

Causes of cervical spondylosis reasons

1, bad posture: cervical spondylosis one of the main causes of this type of disease is the bad habits of patients with patients, for example, is a bad posture has a great relationship. Such as lying in bed watching TV, sit back, read a book, sit in bed and so on; sleeper sleep, poor muscle protection when falling asleep, easy to brake when the neck injury.

2, strain: normal life if excessive strain situation is also very easy to induce cervical spondylosis, but people in life have neglected this point. Long-term head and neck position in a single position, such as bow a long time work, prone to cervical spondylosis. Less than 30-year-old cervical patients, more engaged in bowed jobs.

3, chronic infection: mainly laryngitis, followed by periodontitis, dental caries, otitis media and so on. Some people think that chronic throat infection is an important risk factor for cervical spondylosis, which may interact with chronic soft tissue inflammation and aggravate the condition of the disease.

Why cervical spondylosis will recurrent?

1, due to many pathological changes of cervical spondylosis and nerves, blood vessels are closely related, degeneration such as bone hyperplasia is often irreversible. When the pathological changes affect the intervertebral foramen, transverse foramen, because of these parts of their anatomical characteristics (vertebral artery through the transverse foramen is not found in other vertebral vertebrae), can make the clinical symptoms are obvious. Therefore, a slight local pathological changes may lead to or aggravate clinical symptoms, which is one of the reasons for the clinical recurrence of cervical spondylosis.

2, speaking from biomechanics. Once a vertebral disc degeneration, and the occurrence of bone hyperplasia and other causes of braking, the adjacent vertebral biomechanical load will be corresponding changes, over time, adjacent vertebral degeneration will occur. For example: 4-5 or 5-6 cervical spine hyperplasia, ligament calcification and other serious degeneration, activity decreased. The corresponding 2-4, 6-7 7 cervical vertebra will also be the corresponding changes. Neck stretching, the cervical vertebra pressure and distraction of the most part, it will be transferred to the fourth vertebral body or above the anterior cervical flexion, then down to 6-7 vertebral body. This biomechanical changes with degeneration and change, but also a basis for the recurrence of cervical spondylosis. This biomechanical alteration may be more important, especially with regard to recurrence after cervical fusion surgery.

3, bad posture and posture Bad posture and posture have not been corrected or repeated inflammation of the throat, fatigue, head and neck sprain and other timely treatment and treatment, or symptoms after treatment is not completely improved, the effect is not consolidated, will lead to recurrence . In the high prevalence of cervical spondylosis, work and sleep in the poor posture and position is predisposed to cervical spondylosis, if still not improve the working conditions after treatment, sleep position, then the recurrence of cervical spondylosis is inevitable.

How to prevent it?

1, to ensure the correct posture is the key: In daily life, should pay attention to maintaining the correct posture of the head and neck, do not migraine shrugs, reading, operating the computer to be positive, keep the integrity of the spine, to choose the appropriate pillow when sleeping, should not be too High or low, the general height of 10 cm pillow is appropriate. In addition, the prevention of cervical spondylosis should also be careful not to lie down reading, watching TV.

2, alcoholism is an important factor in cervical spondylosis: do a good job cervical spondylosis prevention, should pay attention to prevent alcoholism, alcohol will affect the deposition of calcium in the bone, make people susceptible to osteoporosis, osteomalacia, accelerate cervical degenerative Change, and then easily lead to the occurrence of cervical spondylosis.


3, pay attention to mental relaxation: long-term depression feelings, failing to be exposed, sentimental people susceptible to neurasthenia, neurasthenia will affect the joints and muscles to rest, over time, neck and shoulder pain easily lead to the occurrence of cervical spondylosis. While maintaining a positive and happy spirit, you can effectively prevent the occurrence of cervical spondylosis.

4, Prevention of cervical spondylosis should pay attention to keep warm, cold and humid environment easily lead to cervical spondylosis, therefore, usually pay attention to keep warm, do not use electric fans and air conditioning direct blow, ride or exercise attention to neck protection, avoid sharp corners, Brake or suddenly turn neck.

5, prevention of cervical spondylosis should also take as little as possible to sit and move, can not walk to ride, can not ride a car. In life, pay attention to strengthening the neck and shoulder muscles exercise, do a head and upper extremity flexion, extension and rotation, can ease fatigue, but also make the muscle, toughness, is conducive to the cervical spine The stability, enhance neck and shoulder abrupt changes in the ability to adapt to the neck, can effectively prevent the occurrence of cervical spondylosis.







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