Medical Mask

Product Description

Medical mask also named surgical mask. Medical masks come in three primary styles, ear loops using a soft bandelastic, nose clip or with ties made from spunbond. Medical mask has high filtration efficiency than 99% and is ideal for hospital, dental, clean room,food preparation and industrial environments.


Membrane Solutions affords all kinds of medical masks including N95 and 3M medical masks with standard colors: bule, green, white, red; pink and yellow. OEM service is also available.



  • Blue, green, white, red, pink, yellow
  • 20+25+25gsm
  • BFE>99% with Nelson lab testing report
  • CE, EN14683 certification
  • 17.5x9.5cm/14.5x9cm /12x9cm
  • Three styles: with earloop, nose clip or ties



  • Face mask with the meltblown
  • Best protection from the virus and dust
  • Soft and fit face good
  • BFE>95% or 99%
  • 3-ply disposable face mask
  • Comfortable, odorless
  • very low resistance to breathing
  • OEM production




Medical masks have high-efficient and strong electrostatic filtering materials. It can effectively remove the solid particle dust and virus. The filter efficiency achieves 99%, and prevent the oil liquid gas. Medical mask is suitable for the use in restaurant, school, cosmetology, factory, Envrionmental Protection, Public places and so on. Widely used for medical, industrial protective, food industry, daily life and so on.