Three strokes to ease hair oil is very effective

  People are the easiest to compromise with when it comes to shampooing hair. Because it takes twenty minutes to blow a head for ten minutes. Now people are either late night work or nightlife is over late, so forget, wash your head can burn for half an hour in bed playing mobile phone time, can bear it. But for some people, one day do not wash, the hair will flow. Why do hair oil? This is often confusing to many people. In fact, planing go to innate factors, there are four kinds of health problems that may lead to excessive hair oil.

Hair oil or with these four health factors


1, hormonal disorders. If the body of more male hormones, it will cause hair follicles shrink, causing hair greasy phenomenon.


2, scalp inflammation. If there is hair dermatitis, it can cause the sebaceous glands to secrete too much fat, resulting in hair oil.


3, diet is not section. Excessive greasy, spicy, and stay up all night will lead to more hair oil.


4, before menstruation Before menstruation, women's luteinizing hormone will be increased, leading to strong sebaceous secretion, resulting in hair oil problem.


To hair less oil try these three strokes


In fact, want to make hair less oil, try baking soda to wash your hair. Baking soda gently softens hair, removes dead skin cells, and stripping off natural oils and fats on the hair. Take 1 - 2 tablespoons baking soda each time and mix in a small glass of water so that you can apply it directly to your hair. This method is especially suitable for those who have good hair and short hair.


Second, we all know that Taomi Shui has the whitening effect, but Taomi Shui can care for the hair do you know? Taomi Shui can help transdermal absorption of water to drink nutrients, so as to maintain water and oil balance, naturally, can make hair less oil.


Finally, in fact, there are many disposable spray on the market can quickly solve the problem of hair oil. As long as the election of the product effect is also very good.


Eat more oil daily hair to eat these foods to ease


In addition to using external methods, we must also pay attention to diet in daily life, these foods can effectively alleviate the scalp oil serious situation.


1, fish. Fish is an excellent food with high protein and low fat. It contains many kinds of unsaturated fatty acids essential for the human body. It can inhibit platelet aggregation and lower cholesterol, and can be used as a brain-savor. However, a wide variety of fish, there are some fish fat content is high, not all fish can eat without exception. In addition, grilled fish, fried fish, fish are all fish, although the delicious cooking methods, but overall not healthy, can not eat.


2, corn. Corn is also a good fat food. Corn seeds contain rich in calcium, selenium and lecithin, vitamin E, etc., with the role of lowering serum cholesterol. The diuretic effect of corn also allows you to normal moisture metabolism, away from edema.


3, green tea. Green tea is a very good clear fat beverage, it not only can reduce blood fat and cholesterol levels, enhance the toughness of the microvascular wall, inhibit atherosclerosis , it also contains the hair growth needs of vitamin B, is conducive to the healthy growth of hair.


4, melon. Melon is recognized as a fat food. Melon is rich in tartaric acid, which can effectively control the body's sugar into fat, to prevent the accumulation of body fat, clear cleansing oil effect, in addition, melon-rich dietary fiber, for improving the body's blood sugar, lipid-lowering is also very effective.


5, oats. Fat fat food and ultimately grains. Oats contain very rich saponin and linoleic acid, can reduce serum total cholesterol, triglycerides and β-lipoprotein, prevent atherosclerosis. In addition, there are folk circulated eating porridge germinal recipe, in fact, is the use of miscellaneous grains are fat foods, can clear fat to promote digestion principle.


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