What to eat after the fracture so fast

  In daily life, many patients with fractures work hard to drink bone soup under the urging of doctors and family members. Many people think that drinking bone soup can make calcium and bone fracture patients drink calcium and promote fracture healing.

In fact, the answer is no! First of all, nutritionists research shows that: bone soup composition is very complex, of which the highest content of elements is phosphorus, not calcium! High phosphorus intake will greatly affect the body's absorption of calcium, for fracture patients, the timely replenishment of large amounts of calcium is very important, if this time always drink bone soup, not only did not reach the calcium effect, but counterproductive. High concentrations of phosphorus will affect the absorption of calcium, in fact, is not conducive to fracture healing. Secondly, the most important component of bone is hydroxyapatite, which belongs to a very hard substance. Even if boiled with boiling water for a long time, it is impossible to get out of the body to absorb calcium! Bone soup of calcium and can not be directly absorbed. Bone soup really plays a nutritional role in fractures of patients is mainly collagen, but 1-2 weeks after the fracture should not eat, because of the high fat content, the patient's gastrointestinal digestion, but also easily lead to high Blood lipids.


What should patients pay attention to after a fracture?


First, proper dietary supplements of calcium-rich foods will help promote fracture healing. Appropriate to add high calcium foods and foods rich in vitamin D in daily life, such as fish, liver, egg yolk, 1-25 hydroxy vitamin D3 can promote the absorption of calcium in the body.


Second, pay attention to proper supplementation of trace elements such as zinc, iron, manganese, these trace elements is the main raw material for the synthesis of collagen, myoglobin, the recovery of fractures have a good auxiliary role. These trace elements are mainly found in animal liver, octopus, carp, soy, egg, cereal, milk and other foods.


Third, add foods rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is conducive to promoting the healing of the periosteum, is conducive to improving the body's resistance. Most fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C, you can eat properly.


There is a saying: "a hundred days," the time to recover after a fracture are relatively long, during the recovery of the fracture, the family must understand the anxiety and irritability of the patient's mood, pay attention to patients in the diet nursed back to health And rehabilitation of fracture rehabilitation function training, so that patients get out of pain as soon as possible and restore health.





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