4 things make young women get stomach cancer

"Stomach upset" is perhaps one of the most commonly heard now, and the frequency of conversations among office workers is particularly high. And gastric cancer as the most common gastrointestinal cancer, the incidence is also high on year after year.

4 things make young women get stomach cancer

1, smoking, drinking. Smoking, drinking people have to be vigilant, not to say that people who drink alcohol is only a high risk of liver cancer, or smoking is a high risk of lung cancer , smoking, alcohol and many tumors are closely related, including gastric cancer.


2, eating habits. If you like to eat high-salt diet, pickled foods, especially not marinated food, of which nitrite content is relatively high, is a clear carcinogen. There are some bad eating habits, such as long-term like to eat hot, stomach irritating relatively large food, eating moldy food, contaminated food, including water pollution, industrial pollution, pesticide contamination, will cause chronic digestive system Damage, repeated repair process may also occur mutation, resulting in tumor.


3, genetic. If the family has 2-3 generations of tumors, especially gastrointestinal tumors, including gastric cancer, esophageal cancer , biliary system tumors, intestinal cancer, etc., future generations may have stomach cancer risk is much higher than normal. If there are more than two people in this family who have had stomach cancer, the odds of other people will be several dozen times higher.


4, chronic digestive diseases. Such as ulcers and chronic atrophic gastritis with atypical hyperplasia or intestinal metaplasia, the risk of gastric cancer is also much higher than normal. If combined on this basis, Helicobacter pylori infection , the greater the risk.


Stomach should follow two principles:


1, recipes in line with "crude", "green", "less"


The meaning of "crude" means that the staple food should mainly be cereals, corn, sweet potatoes and brown rice are all good choices, so that they are rich in dietary fiber to the stomach to scrape the oil;


Of course, "green" is to eat a lot of vegetables, especially large green leafy vegetables and cabbage, is to eliminate the body of free radicals and toxins good hand;


The meaning of "less" means to say "eat less" during holidays, not to eat sea food, and secondly, seasoning should be dispensed when cooking, less oil and less fat.


2, cooking methods to change


The reason why the holiday diet will cause such a heavy burden on the digestive system, in fact, because most of us eat too much fat and fat at once, these foods is the cumulative "gut" more intestinal toxins. If you do not want to stomach too much on the holidays, we must modify the cooking methods, less "fried" and "fried" eat more steamed, boiled dishes made, the burden on the digestive system will be greatly reduced, the body Will feel more refreshing.


What to eat then stomach it?


1, you can drink milk


In fact, drinking milk can ease stomach pain. Protein in milk neutralizes stomach acid and relieves stomachache. But if you drink milk easy to bloating or diarrhea , do not use this method.


2, you can eat porridge


Varies from person to person. Rice porridge boiled for a long time, the rice will be broken down into disaccharides or monosaccharides, carbohydrates most likely to stimulate gastric acid secretion, some people will vomit acid. Some people think that eating porridge easily hungry, eat unconsciously, to stimulate more gastric acid secretion, it will be uncomfortable. In fact, if you want to digest, eat more meat when chewing a few times, the effect is the same.


3, can be served with soup


It does not matter if you chew more. Usually eat some soup soup anyway, afraid it is swallowed with rice and soup splinters. This meal into the stomach is still grainy, it is easy to indigestion .


4, can eat soda crackers effective


Do not be over-hungry is the most important. Soda crackers can neutralize a bit of stomach acid, but the effect is similar to other foods, the benefit is easy to carry. Do not focus too much on hunger, so that stomach acid caused by excessive stomach pain.





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