Hot springs to know the ten points

Kill winter, no more hot springs soaked in hot air, watching the beauty of winter around more pleasant thing. So how hot springs so hot? Look Xiaobian finishing "bubble springs" Cheats.

Hot springs in the elderly remember ten points


1. Select room temperature pool. Under normal circumstances, the elderly are recommended to choose the water temperature between 38 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ room temperature pool, do not advocate bubble bath (temperature greater than 40 ℃), one because the high temperature easily lead to excessive peripheral vascular expansion, accelerated circulation, increased Heart burden, induced cardiovascular disease; Second, because the elderly are less sensitive to water temperature, easily lead to burns .


2. Step by step Elderly people may first reach into the hot spring pool by hand or foot water temperature test before feeling fit, first soak your legs, slowly soak the lower body (below the heart), to be adapted to let the upper body completely bubbled into the water. Should also slowly rise from the pool, adapt and then leave the pool.


3. Time should not be too long. Hot water temperature in more than 38 ℃, the body soaked in water, sweat can not be evaporated, a long time may lead to "heat stroke"; and water substances will penetrate the human body, causing skin folds, edema, so immersion time to 15 ~ 20 minutes is appropriate, the best middle to get up 1 or 2 times.


If you soak high temperature pool, you need to be more cautious, the first soaking 3 minutes, get up for 3 minutes, re-entering the bubble 5 minutes, repeated pool 3 to 6 times, a single bubble should not be more than 15 minutes.


4. After the end should not be steam sauna. After soaking in the hot springs, the minerals and negative ions in the water have just been absorbed by the body. For example, immediately steaming sauna can not only excrete the beneficial minerals easily with perspiration, but also dry mouth, dizziness and other symptoms, and even cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


5. Timely replenishment of water. Hot springs in the process, the skin pores will be all open, a large number of sweating, loss of water, while peripheral blood vessels to further increase the loss of fluid, if not promptly dehydrated dehydration. Therefore, hot springs should be added before enough water, but also diligent replenishment.


6. Choose the right medicine pool. According to the division of water quality, hot springs are generally divided into neutral carbonated spring, alkaline sodium bicarbonate spring, salt spring and sulfur spring four. Carbonated spring on the prevention and treatment of heart disease , hypertension , atherosclerosis have a certain effect, but not suitable for people suffering from kidney disease, gastrointestinal diseases; sodium bicarbonate spring moisturize, bleach the skin and soften the role of the stratum corneum; Cold hands and feet, anemia and allergic bronchitis and other improvements; sulfur spring on chronic skin diseases have a relieving effect. In addition, pure spring is more moderate, colorless and odorless, can promote blood circulation, stroke , peripheral neuralgia have some soothing effect, suitable for older older friends.


7. From the pool with water shower. To avoid skin irritation caused by acidic or alkaline substances in spring water and to remove potential contaminants, Buban Hot Springs should immediately be rinsed with fresh water to rinse the minerals remaining on the skin and wipe the body of water with a towel to avoid Cool.


8. Discomfort immediately out of the pool. Hot spring temperature, there will be sweating after soaking, dry mouth, chest tightness and other discomfort, which is the normal blood circulation too fast, this time to exchange cold water immersion or a little from the water, and drink plenty of water to ease.


9. People with chronic diseases should go hand in hand. Suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure should be accompanied by the same bubble, you can take care of each other, if not suited to the water immediately recuperation, severe cases may require peer help search for help.


10. When hungry, do not drink hot springs after drinking. Fasting easily lead to fatigue, nap after a meal or a little rest and then hot springs, to ensure safety. After drinking the central nervous system in an excited state, hot springs will stimulate the blood circulation, resulting in exhaustion of physical exertion, prone to accidents. You can sleep after drunk, wake up and then into the water.


Children hot springs 8 things to note


1. Infant should not soak in hot springs


About how much the baby can hot springs, there is no medical conclusion. However, 0-3 years old is a high incidence of allergies in infants and young children. Parents generally do not recommend 0-3 year-old infants to hot springs. Healthy children over 3 years old, you can go to hot springs, but time should not be too long. It is best not to leave your child for more than 15 minutes. Parents can let their children soak in the water for 15 minutes, let the children play for a while to the pool, then blisters on the 15 minutes. But once the number of hot springs into the water do not exceed 3 times.


2. First adapt to the water temperature before launching


Hot springs with children to gradually transition from low water temperature to high water temperature to the gradual expansion of the blood, but also to try to help children choose the temperature is not very high hot spring pool.


3. Three states should not be hot springs


In the "physical fatigue, eat too full, fasting" these three states, let the children hot springs is more dangerous. Because hot springs are very energy consumption, if hungry, prone to collapse. If you eat too full, there is not enough blood to help digestion, but also feel uncomfortable. Parents in the hot springs, we must pay close attention to observe the child's physical condition, once the child uncomfortable phenomenon, immediately from the hot springs out.


4. Posture to comfort appropriate


Children can choose horizontal, sitting and foot bath. Horizontal that supine water, head and neck and chest exposed water, this can reduce the pressure on the chest, reduce heart and lung load. Sitting is sitting in the water, only below the waist immersed in hot water, so the chest pressure will be smaller, but should pay attention to the upper body warm. Foot bath then just dip your feet in warm water, warm feet, the body without any pressure and load, but also more suitable for children, of course, but also pay attention to the body's warmth. According to the preferences of children or need to choose the position, the most important thing is to comfortably appropriate.


5. Should pay attention to observe the child's physical condition at any time


Children once uncomfortable, or sweating more, you should quickly come out from the hot springs. Spa scale should be the body slightly sweating, sweating more or even sweat, it shows bubble "too far."


6. Timely replenishment of water


Children after soaking in hot springs, due to the consumption of a lot of energy, the body of sodium, potassium and other elements will have some loss, therefore, parents should promptly add water to children, drink some mineral water, boiled water. At the same time, the best arrangements for children to rest in a quiet place for a moment, to avoid immediate participation in other strenuous exercise.


7. Take a bath after the hot springs


Now many hot spring pool are joined by a certain amount of pharmaceutical ingredients, containing a high concentration of sulfur or alkali, the water evaporated on the skin concentration may be greater, a great stimulus to the child's skin, so hot springs, the parents Carefully take a bath for the child, clean the skin, prevent skin allergies.


8. Parents should pay special attention to keep children warm


Hot spring water temperature, the child came out from the water, the pores will open, the body temperature will soon be scattered. The outdoor temperature in winter is relatively low, parents should promptly help children with a towel to quickly dry the body, to avoid the cold invasion, catch a cold .




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