What workers eat to prevent computer radiation

What radiation to eat? This is a major problem plaguing many working-class friends. Radiation protection requires a proper diet before it can be done, especially for working-class friends. So, what workers eat radiation protection it?

What workers eat to prevent computer radiation


1, mung bean - helps to excrete the body of poison


Folk known as "mung bean soup solution hundred poison" said. Modern medical research proves that mung bean contains substances that help to excrete the body's toxins and accelerate metabolism, and can effectively resist various kinds of pollution, including electromagnetic pollution.


2, black fungus - Qingwei, Dioscorea, radiation protection


Black fungus in the gum can remain in the human digestive system of dust, impurities and radioactive material adsorption, concentration together excreted, which play a role in clearing stomach, digestion, radiation protection. The biggest advantage of black fungus is that it can help to excrete cellulosic material, so that these harmful fibers in the body is difficult to gain a foothold.


3, kelp - with anti-radiation effect


Kelp is a "nemesis" of radioactive material that contains a substance called kelp gum that encourages the intrusion of radioactive substances into the body from the intestine. The latest study found that kelp extract can reduce the body's immune function, damage to isotopes and radiation, as well as inhibit apoptosis of immune cells, which play a role in anti-radiation.


4, tomatoes - reduce skin radiation damage, and whitening can be freckle


Scientific surveys have found that people who regularly consume tomatoes and tomato products for long periods suffer less damage from radiation and lower rates of death from radiation. Experiments show that the radiation of the skin, lycopene content decreased 31% -46%, the other ingredients almost unchanged.


5, green vegetables - clean the toxins


Fresh vegetables are the "cleaners" in the human body. The secret is that vegetables have a "secret weapon" - alkaline ingredients that make the blood alkaline, dissolve the toxins that precipitate in the cells and make them excreted with the urine.


Prevent computer radiation approach


1, to improve the working environment, clean up the debris next to the computer.


2, work for some time to take a break, it is best to find a spacious area to stretch a mood.


3, next to the computer can place green plants, so mainly to ease the mood.


4, drink plenty of water, eat some foods containing vitamins A, C and protein-rich.


5, the Internet before doing skin care isolation, you can use some of the radiation protection skin care products, can effectively prevent the pollution and environmental damage and radiation; followed by the computer, the face will absorb a lot of electromagnetic radiation particles, to promptly wash with water , This will reduce the radiation suffered by more than 70%!


6, during work, should strengthen protective measures, pregnant women should wear a small forest blanket radiation, shielding clothing, wearing a shield cap and barrier glasses to reduce the strong field area stay time to prevent the microwave radiation to the eye injury.






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