Several designs for various purposes with differing levels of accuracy and precision. Reliable pipettes are keyed to liquid handing.
Medical mask also named surgical mask. Medical masks come in three primary styles, ear loops using a soft bandelastic, nose clip or with ties made from spunbond. Medical mask has high filtration efficiency than 99% and is ideal for hospital, dental, clean room,food preparation and industrial environments.
Anesthesia drug filter is a highly efficient, single use, bacterial and viral removal filter. The next generation anesthesia drug filter is designed to withstand higher operating pressures and exposure to alcohols. With its advanced sealing technology and the proven drug compatibility of Super PES membrane.
A blood filter must be used for all fresh blood products unless you are using a leucocyte depletion filter. Blood filter filters large clots and aggregates from the blood preventing them entering the patient. medical membranes deliver effective ventilation and high leakage resistance for unmatched performance and protection. IV and liquid filters delivers the high airflow needed for efficient dissipation of air bubbles entrained in the IV solution stream and allow for effective air evacuation during filter reprimes.
A Luer connector for medical devices with a tubular body and a swivel nut enclosing it and secured on it. The swivel nut has a radially inward-protruding edge and the tubular body has at least one radially outward-protruding elastic arm, whose end can be stopped against the edge.
Flow regulator is for single-use. It is mainly used for regulating the flowing rate of infusing fluids when clinical infusion. Flow regulator is used to administer Intravenous fluid and medicines into human circulating system.
Membrane Solutions’ transducer protectors are manufactured with fully automatic assembly technology. The transducer protectors are an effective barrier against bacteria and they are basically used in haemodialysis blood-lines, but they are also suitable as air or gas vents.
Epidural filters is used for medical filtration and contamination control. Membrane Solutions’ epidural filter uses a modified acrylic housing material, this next generation epidural filter is designed to withstand higher operating pressures and exposure to alcohols.
Infusion disc filters manufactured by Membrane Solutions are especially dedicated to the infusion market, but they easily meet requirements of many other applications such as IV drip chambers, air vent for bags, liquid filters for general purpose applications.
A batetrial air filter is fine enough to prevent the passage of bacteria (0.5-5.0μm in diameter), which permits removal of bacteria from air. Viruses are considerably smaller, and will pass through a batetrial filter.
Bemedical Inc provides quality products and services for the life science community worldwide. Bemedical Inc specializes in manufacturing medical devices for specific applications. We would be happy to fulfill your needs or any requirements.
Clamp devices are adapted for surgical procedures which can occlude a tubular conduit, such as an artery, vein, or intestine, with little or no damage to fragile tissue.