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Clamps Devices

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Product Description

Clamps devices like Strap Clamps, mould clamps, pinch clamps, clamping kits, T-bolts, T-nuts etc., different types of clamps devices in hold down, push/pull, latch type and squeeze action, pneumatic & Hydraulic Clamps like pneumatic swing clamps and hydraulic swing clamps. Membrane Solutions offers all kinds of clamps devices for medical use. OEM service is also available.


  • Non-toxic, pyrogen free
  • Safe and convenient.
  • Qualified for use in medical devices according to USP testing
  • Sterile
  • Good quality and best service


Clamp devices are adapted for surgical procedures which can occlude a tubular conduit, such as an artery, vein, or intestine, with little or no damage to fragile tissue. Some surgical clamp devices have hard gripping surfaces which occlude tubular conduits by squeezing the lumen space flat.