Epidural Filters

Epidural Filters

 Epidural Filters  Epidural Filters


Product Description

Membrane Solutions' epidural filter uses a modified acrylic housing material, this next generation epidural filter is designed to withstand higher operating pressures and exposure to alcohols. With its advanced sealing technology and the proven drug compatibility of PES membrane, this MS epidural filter delivers the increased level of patient safety and protection required in epidural anesthesia applications.


  • High performance anti-bacterial filtration
  • Flat filter design promotes greater patient comfort with its low profile
  • Easier connection and positioning with rotating male luer lock hub.
  • 100% bacterial retention
  • New housing material withstands higher operating pressures


Epidural filters is used for medical filtration and contamination control. Anesthetic and analgesic drug preparations may become contaminated during production and handling. Injection of these contaminated solutions may result in inflammatory reactions, infection, or other complications. Epidural filters help to prevent these adverse effects of epidural drug injection.


Residual volume: 0.45ml
Rated burst pressure: 7 bar
Filter surface area: 4 cm2
Porosity: 0.2µm