Flow Regulators

Flow Regulators

 Flow Regulators  Flow Regulators

Product Description

Flow regulator is built in Y-connector injection site for extra medication. It is designed to control flow rates from 5ml/hr-250 ml/hr manually. Membrane Solutions’ flow regulator is manufactured in a few specifications to meet uses needs by designing the products to fit some types of infusing devices.


  • ISO9001:2000 ,ISO13485:2003 ,CE0197
  • Also available IV flow regulator with infusion set
  • Precise flow rate control of IV fluids with range of 5 to 250ml/hr
  • Accurate
  • Qualified for use in medical devices according to USP testing
  • Sterile


Flow regulator is for single-use. It is mainly used for regulating the flowing rate of infusing fluids when clinical infusion. Flow regulator is used to administer Intravenous fluid and medicines into human circulating system.