Infusion Disc Filters

Infusion Disc Filters

 Infusion Disc Filters  Infusion Disc Filters

Product Description

The infusion disc filter acts as a security filter. The function of the filter consists in retaining particles larger than 20 µm which might be present in the infusion solutions (e.g. aggregated nutrients, pharmaceutical compounds, etc.) or which may originate from the infusion bag and infusion bottle, respectively.


  • Sterilized by EtO, Gamma or e-beam
  • Low endotoxin content
  • Customer specific surface coatings available
  • Non-hemolytic, non-cytotoxic, low extractables,
  • Passes USP plastics class VI tests
  • Convenient Operation
  • High porosity provides high flow rate
  • Validated washing and finishing process in accordance with GMP guidelines


Infusion disc filters manufactured by Membrane Solutions are especially dedicated to the infusion market, but they easily meet requirements of many other applications such as IV drip chambers, air vent for bags, liquid filters for general purpose applications.