Luer Connectors

Luer Connectors

 Luer Connectors Luer Connectors

Product Description

A Luer connector for medical devices with a tubular body and a swivel nut enclosing it and secured on it. The swivel nut has a radially inward-protruding edge and the tubular body has at least one radially outward-protruding elastic arm, whose end can be stopped against the edge. Luer connector consists of round male and female interlocking tubes, slightly tapered to hold together better with even just a simple pressure/twist fit. Luer connectors can either be just luer slip, or can have an additional outer rim of threading (a "luer lock"), allowing them to be far more secure.


  • Interchangealbe for fast and easy use
  • Used in a wide variety of applications, including laboratory and medical
  • Superior grade material
  • Qualified for use in medical devices according to USP testing
  • Very good corrosion resistance


Luer connectors are the standard way of attaching syringes, catheters, hubbed needles, IV tubes, and so on to each other. Membrane Solutions' luer connectors have a wide variety of applications, including laboratory and medical.