Transducer Protectors

Transducer Protectors

 Transducer Protectors  Transducer Protectors

Product Description

Transducer protectors is a membrane filter which is used to prevent the blood from entering the tubing leading to the transducer in haemodialysis, ensuring accurate reading.'s transducer protectors are manufactured with fully automatic assembly technology. The transducer protectors are an effective barrier against bacteria and they are basically used in haemodialysis blood-lines, but they are also suitable as air or gas vents.


  • Hydrophobic Filters
  • Sterile, Non-Pyrogenic, Non-Toxic
  • Hydrophobic Filters
  • Non-hemolytic, non-cytotoxic, low extractables,
  • Convenient Operation
  • Qualified for use in medical devices according to USP testing
  • Cost-effective solutions for new and existing designs


Transducer protector is operable in cooperation with a hemodialysis system, and may be mounted between a drip chamber and a pressure transducer. The transducer protector is mounted in an integrally-assembled housing which includes an inlet from the hemodialysis system or drip chamber, and an outlet to the pressure transducer.