Do not do these six things right after exercise

1. Do not sit down and rest immediately after exercise


Whether it is to participate in aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise, there will be body fatigue after exercise, muscle soreness. For those who exercise regularly, exercise can get more adequate muscle oxygen, less decomposition of lactic acid saccharides, the muscle will not have significant pain. For those who do not often exercise, the feeling of pain after exercise will be more obvious, so do not immediately sit down and rest, which will affect the blood circulation, leading to excessive lactate secretion, more likely to increase muscle fatigue. Strenuous exercise should be 10 minutes walk, take a deep breath, help the muscles to eliminate fatigue as soon as possible.


2. Do not take a bath immediately after exercise


After exercise, many people will get used to a hot shower. In fact, this approach is not scientific. During exercise, the body's blood backflow speed will be accelerated, the heartbeat will be accompanied by exercise to speed up, if immediately take a hot bath, will make the muscles and skin blood circulation continues to accelerate, which will lead to the body's other organs insufficiency, may There will be hypoxic brain conditions, severe cases may lead to heart attacks .


3. Do not cool your body immediately after exercise


Exercises when the body surface vascular dilatation, body temperature, pore relaxation, increased perspiration. After exercise immediately into the air-conditioning air-conditioned room or fan in the air cooler rest, will make the skin tight and sweat, which led to the thermoregulation and other physiological dysfunction, decreased immune function and lead to colds , diarrhea , asthma and other diseases. The right way should be the end of the campaign for half an hour, and then cool down the body before entering the air-conditioned room. At the same time, before entering the indoor environment of lower temperature, sweat the body, head and sweat to prevent the occurrence of symptoms.


4. Do not drink cold drinks immediately after exercise


Body sweating a lot of fitness, if during exercise did not pay attention to the amount of replenishment, many people will appear dry and watery, thirsty state. If you drink a lot of cold drinks at this time, it is likely to make the throat, esophagus and other organs in case of rapid contraction of cold, stomach cramps lead to abdominal pain phenomenon. For stomach weakness, spleen Deficiency people may also cause diarrhea. Therefore, after exercise should avoid direct and direct consumption of cold water.


5. Do not eat immediately after exercise


Excessive physical exertion after exercise, many people will have a sense of hunger, but should not eat immediately after exercise. At this point if you eat immediately, it will exacerbate the burden of digestive organs, gastrointestinal health have a negative impact.


6. Do not smoke immediately after exercise


Smoking is very harmful to the body, smoking immediately after exercise can double the damage. Some men have a habit of smoking, but remember, you can not smoke immediately after exercise. After exercise, smoking will make the lungs mixed with a lot of smoke, reduce oxygen, chest tightness and shortness of breath, dizziness and fatigue situation.



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