How to clean vegetables except pesticide residues do not lose nutrition

  Now, a lot of pesticide residues on vegetables are the people most worried about, after all, no one wants to eat pesticide residues to the stomach. To stop pesticide residues from entering your body, you have to turn it off when cleaning vegetables. Some people think that the vegetables soaked in water to wash more clean, this approach is correct? How to clean vegetables?


Can vegetables soak in the water for a long time?


Vegetables soaked in water for a long time will lead to loss of vitamins in the vegetables, minerals will also be a lot of loss, but also lost a lot of water-soluble vitamins, including vitamin B and vitamin C. Soaking vegetables for a long time in the water can cause excessive death of vegetable cells due to excessive water absorption. After the cells die, the cell membranes can not well prevent the loss of internal nutrients. Long-term immersion of vegetables in water, pesticide residues will be broken down in the water, resulting in the original surface will not be left with pesticides pesticides, especially cabbage, spinach and other leafy vegetables, soaked for a long time is not good.

How to clean vegetables


1, for cucumber, carrot, bitter gourd and other stems and melons vegetables, you can first put the detergent with warm water bubbles ~ 2 minutes, then brush with a soft brush, especially the sap and vegetable melons depression, Brush with a few more soft brush, and then rinse with water, if necessary, can also be peeled and washed.


2, for Chinese cabbage, cabbage and other cabbage vegetables, you can first remove the outer leaves, the internal leaves first soak with warm water and then by the piece washed with water.


3, lobular leaf chrysanthemum, cabbage and other vegetables, vegetables can be the first root excision, jitter on the water to clean it again, and then root up again with water cleaning, through the impact of water to get rid of residual pesticides.


4, with open blisters hot. Hot water can also be used to clean some vegetables residual pesticides, such as green peppers, cauliflower, beans, celery, etc., the best in the pot before the first boiled with water.


5, wash with wash rice. Wash rice with wash water to remove some of the pesticide residues in vegetables. At present, most of our country use methamidophos, phoxim, dichlorvos, dimethoate and other organophosphorus pesticides to kill insects. These pesticides will lose their toxicity when they encounter acidic substances, while Taomi Shui is acidic. Wash in the rice water for about 10 minutes, then wash with water, you can make vegetables to reduce the residual pesticide ingredients.


6, first wash after cutting. It is best not to wash the vegetables when the vegetables are chopped and then washed, vegetables and water directly after the increase in the contact area, water-soluble vegetables and some water-soluble minerals and some water-soluble carbohydrates Will dissolve in the water; also increase the chance of bacterial contamination of the surface of vegetables, leaving health risks. Therefore, vegetables can not be cut after the first wash, but should be washed before cutting.





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